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About Us


The Accessory Queen Behind The Scenes

Growing up in India as a Textile Designer, I always had a deep passion for design, color and fabric. As a designer, I have experience in construction of fiber to fabric in various weaves, its design elements, textures, color, dyeing and printing techniques, and their role and application in the industry. 


What's The Style Palette?

The Style Palette was born in 2015 out of my love for fabric and fashion. We started with a vast variety of scarves with rich fabrics and unique designs. Now with the love an support of our friends, family and our clients we have extended to wide variety of accessories. Each an every piece is handpicked. The color scheme, designs, and various other elements are given deep thought. We try to combine the traditional motives in bold, beautiful colors, which blend in the contemporary taste of the modern world. 


Something Unique!

Accessories is something which does not require you to think about size. We at The Style Palette are passionate about making each and every woman feel beautiful. Accessorizing a woman just feels to me as painting a blank canvas. Whether you are dressing up for a special occasion or everyday life, adding the right piece of a scarf or jewelry transforms your look completely.