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Susan G. Komen

Susan G. Komen is a non- profit organization dedicated to fighting breast cancer. Their goals include raising funds to increase breast cancer education and to fight for the Cure. The Style Palette has been partners with and supporting this great cause since 2017. 


What We Did

In October 2019, we asked a couple of beautiful, brave women who had fought and conquered breast cancer to share their survival stories.


How We Did It

We decided to do this with a Survivor's Photoshoot. We spent a day with these strong women, getting to know their journeys and capturing moments of joy, support and love for each other.


Why We Did It

The Style Palette wanted to take this wonderful opportunity to showcase and share the courageous stories of these survivors, so more women fighting this deadly disease will feel inspired and motivated to have hope and keep fighting.

Susan G. Komen Events

Survivor's Luncheon and The Race Store

The Style Palette takes part in the annual Susan G. Komen Survivor’s Luncheon and The Race Store. Proceeds from these events are donated to Susan G. Komen in attempt to support their goals and missions. 

When you shop at The Style Palette, whether it be a Susan G. Komen event, Memphis Fashion Week, or any other annual event you see us at, proceeds from your purchase anywhere are donated to the research finds at Susan G. Komen.

We at The Style Palette are proud to be working with such an amazing and meaningful organization who is working to do so much for the people and women in our community.